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Before downloading your content in Torrent you need:

To download a good Torrent client , I recommend qBittorrent which is free and open source. Secure your Internet connection with a VPN in order to download completely anonymously. I have selected VPN providers that support Torrent and practice a Zero Log policy. This means that they don't keep any record of your activity on their servers.

Find content to download, such as movies, series, albums, on a good Torrents site to start your first download. Let's go!

Reminder to the law

This article refers to platforms offering mostly downloads with copyrighted content. Note that you do not have the right to download this content, even for private copying if the source is not legal. I therefore decline all responsibility for the use you may make of the techniques presented here. You must always make sure that the work you download is copyright free, otherwise you must turn to the legal offer made available to you.

Install the qBittorrent client on your computer

Note : The previous version of this demo was based on the uTorrent client. Unfortunately this client has moved to the dark side of the force, he's stuffed with publicity and worse yet, he's using your computer's resources to mine Bitcoin. In short, I redid my demo with a great tool, the open source qBittorrent client.

After downloading qBittorrent , start the installation by double clicking on the obtained file and let the installation wizard guide you. Click on Next.

Starting the installation of qBittorrent Accept the terms of use and click Next.

Accept the terms of use of qBittorrent Leave the default settings then Next.

Installing qBittorrent 3 Finally click on Install.

Installing qBittorrent 4 When finished click Close.

Installing qBittorrent 5 Small warning message reminding that downloading is wrong. Click on I agree.

Installing qBittorrent 6 The installation is now complete. You can start qBittorrent using the shortcut on your desktop or in your Windows start screen.

Download a movie in Torrent - The interface of qBittorent But before downloading there are still 2, 3 things to do!

Secure your connection with your VPN to hide your IP address The downloading of content protected by copyright is sanctioned by law via the Hadopi commission. This commission has the necessary means to identify the authors of illegal downloads made in France. It does this in cooperation with service providers.

To download without risk of penalties, if you accidentally download a copyrighted movie, you need to install a VPN on your computer. The VPN makes your activity completely anonymous. The set-up is very simple, it's cheap and it also has the advantage of securing your computer when you are connected to the Internet, especially when you do so via Public Wifi (Station, Airport, Train, Hotel, …).

Once you have installed your VPN, all you have to do is choose the VPN server you want to connect to from a list and you're done.